Bianca, Molly and Ruby romp in the snow

Arlo awaits his Christmas treat!

Kayla enjoys her toy!

Holly in the Springtime!

Puppy Gimel mugs for the camera!

Gnawin', Nappin', and Nod !

AKA Savannah, Canon and Porter

Stella says, "Did it goes this-a-way!"

Rupert says, "No, dear. It went that-a-way."

Achilles and Pipsqueak play with a toy

Rupert on the run!!

Porter relaxes around the Koi Pond

Our first Guest - Canon (Greyhound)

A Winter's Welcome to A Dog's Haven

The Homestead in the Spring

The Homestead in Winter - with fenced-in play yard

Porter & Savannah - the hosts

The Dogs' Sleeping Quarters

A Dog's Haven

A Recreational Homestead for Your Best Friend

Jeter relaxes on sunny day

Pool party!!